IRI Growth Insights

Measuring Retail KPIs and Performance Post-COVID

February 24, 2021

Market share was traditionally viewed within retail brick & mortar, but in the post-pandemic world, it’s expanded to include omnichannel and even share of stomach. IRI’s Kurian Thomas, COO of Retail and Retail Executive John Holtzapfel talk about metrics that can help CPGs and retailers measure their success in 2021 and beyond.

Learn about these topics:

[1:21] Recap of 2020
[2:58] Lapping early pandemic growth
[6:00] The challenges with traditional metrics
[9:43] Using market share to gauge performance
[13:16] Retailers and market data trends
[15:37] Unlocking a true understanding of performance
[22:51] New households and buyers
[25:40] Key takeaways

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