IRI Growth Insights

The Role of E-Commerce in Impulse Snacking

September 27, 2019

Confession time: just the thought of snacking makes us a little hungry! We’re clearly not alone, as snacking and snack options continue to increase across the U.S. Consumers are now snacking up to six times per day, and there is a snack for every taste bud, whether you prefer high-protein, antioxidants or the spicy stuff. And, while snacking has long been considered an impulse buy, e-commerce doesn’t support that “in the moment” purchase.  

Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader for IRI’s Client Insights Division (and IRI’s resident snacking expert) talks about the reported demise of impulse snacking. While snacking may have morphed into more of a planned purchase for many consumers, retailers and CPG companies have plenty of opportunities to turn both planned and unplanned snacking purchases into “on demand” ones while also building interesting experiences for consumers. Tune in and find out why snacking still rules!

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